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Brock: Pig Roast Means Being 'Part Boy Scout, Part Caveman'

[Photo: Neighborhood Dining Group]

The endlessly quotable McCrady's and Husk chef Sean Brock broke down pig roasting for Popular Mechanics. Yes, there are details about secret spices and ideal hogs (that'd be Berkshire or Tamworth Cross), but there are also some fantastic Brockisms:

"A pig roast is like a big party where you get to be part Boy Scout, part caveman. You can't do it by yourself, and that's the beauty of it. You're sitting in lawn chairs, telling stories, and tending a huge fire all night long. It's the opposite of fast food. Nothing makes me happier."

Any Southerner will likely agree Brock captures the social aspect of the roast perfectly.

"Come daylight you still have a lot of time to kill. The party continues. We go four-wheeling, shotgun beers, play football, toss horseshoes. Shooting guns is also a fun way to pass the time, but I wouldn't suggest that in your backyard—or anywhere—if you've got a belly full of beer."
And when it comes to eating it, he prefers the pickin' method.
"When that pig hits the table, nothing else matters. Everyone lets down their guard and digs in. I encourage eating with your hands. It's such a primal thing. It reminds us that we are human."

For actual details on cooking the swine, read the article.

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