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Hottest Chef Finals: Ondo or McMahon?

[Photo: John Ondo, Frank McMahon]

hc%20logo.jpgThe heat has been building all day long, and now the finals for Charleston's hottest chef are here. It's time to cast your last vote of the day, and it's either going to be for John Ondo of Lana or Frank McMahon or Hank's Seafood. These two chef had cheering squads from the start:

Of Ondo, one admirer wrote in, "How can anyone resist that shaggy hair and retro red truck he drives?! He's definitely the hottest!"

And on the other side, a McMahon supporter commented, "Not only is he incredibly handsome, his Irish accent and wit will put you on your ass. He is a serious knockout. Have mercy!"

Remember: This contest is purely superficial and one of these two gentlemen will go on to represent the Holy City in a national competition. Voting ends at 6p.m.

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