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'Cesca Hosting "Grand Closing" This Weekend

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[Photo: Facebook]

Major players have been talking about over-saturation downtown and there's been speculation that 2013 might bring some closings. That's true for 'Cesca, the Southern Italian spot behind East Bay Street, which announced in a newsletter its "grand closing" will be taking place this weekend. There will be food and drink specials on Friday and Saturday "as a way of thanking all of our supporters."

Back in August, 'Cesca received a mixed review from City Paper's Robert Moss. He wrote the elegant restaurant had "some good things going for it," but...

"At the same time, there something missing in the experience. It's sort of like listening to an album made by studio musicians: smooth and polished, professionally done, but not particularly surprising or exciting."

At least they're going out in style, giving Charleston one last chance to lap up the cacio e pepe, wine and crudo, in a kind of Italian wake.

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5 Faber St, Charleston, SC