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Charleston Mag Gives High Praise to High Cotton

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Last year, chef Joe Palma was appointed to the helm of downtown classic High Cotton, and Charleston Magazine more than approves of his handiwork. In the latest issue, reviewer Jeff Allen points out the "intricate simplicity" of his dishes, is impressed by his "'Le Bernadin' style" and suggests "Palma's considerable talent needs a showcase and a tasting menu."

Calling the steaks "almost an afterthought," Allen directs diners straight to High Cotton's seafood.

"The scallop ceviche is as delicately flavored as any; Palma turns a few medallions of the bivalve into a symphony, lightly dressed with a citrus emulsion and adorned with unusual bursts of baby fennel, dill pollen, the salty crunch of sea beans, and small jeweled dollops of Australian finger lime.

Allen is pleased with more than just the seafood; he also praises the waitstaff and chicken and waffles served at brunch. Overall, he notes, "It's disciplined service and finite execution, perfect technique from a fellow who never went to culinary school."

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High Cotton

199 E. Bay St., Charleston, SC 29401