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What Was 2013's Best Dining Neighborhood?

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In keeping with Eater tradition, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types and bloggers. To kick it off in Charleston, Eater asked the group eight questions, ranging from the restaurants they frequent most to the biggest surprises of the year. Responses are in no particular order, and readers are encouraged to leave answers in the comments.
[Warehouse in Cannonborough/Elliotborough]

Q: What was 2013's best dining neighborhood?

Angela Hanyak, writer and restaurant critic for City Paper:

Rémy Thurston, Eater Charleston contributor and photographer:

Robert Moss, author of Going Lardcore and restaurant critic for City Paper:
That's really a tough one. I think I have to say Upper King, though that feels like 2012's hot dining neighborhood, but I don't think any other place really emerged in 2013 to eclipse it.

Eric Doksa, writer and restaurant critic for City Paper:
Upper King

Charles Powell, author of Foodmancing The Girl:
Upper King

Jeff Allen, restaurant critic for Charleston Magazine:
Upper King is leading the way.

Timmons Pettigrew, Eater Charleston contributor and author of Charleston Beer:
Cannonborough/Elliotborough continues to jump off.

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