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Battle of the Star Service Hotel Grills

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left: Charleston Grill (Andrew Cebulka)/right: Peninsula Grill (provided)
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The relatives are visiting for the holidays, and they want to eat in one of Charleston's fancy hotel restaurants with the white tablecloths, heavy wine lists and superb service. It's their treat—something a little special to end the year on a high note. If you had your choice of refined opulence for the evening, that just happens to be located in your family's hotel, where would you suggest? The choice is between Peninsula Grill led by chef Graham Dailey or Charleston Grill helmed by chef Michelle Weaver. Place your vote below, and argue your case in the comments:

Poll results

Charleston Grill

224 King Street, , SC 29401 (843) 751-4017 Visit Website