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Beefy Speculations on the Hutson Street Project

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What lies beyond these brick walls?
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Remember when a tipster told us that the 26 Hutson St./39 John St. project was to be multiple concepts under one roof? And, then it was determined the place would be named Vincent Chicco's? Well, it seems Eater may have found the missing pieces to this puzzle. A bit of fumbling on Google turned up the restaurant's name, along with two others, on, a website for graphic artists competing for top design. The administrator on the account is listed as Whittney Prasek. Prasek recently reached out to Eater contributor Timmons Pettigrew after his Chicco report on behalf of Holy City Hospitality and is therefore confirmed on the project.

If the tip about this address being three places (Italian, steakhouse and a lounge) in one, then the other logo listings might be the names of the other two spots. The second eatery listed, The Victor Social Club, is stated as a "restaurant specializing in Prime Rib, Steaks and Seafood" with "Dangerously Good Food." The account states the mark should communicate "Masculine" "Dangerous" and "Beef." The third registered name is The Blue Marlin Bar and it reads that the namesake fish "was a favorite catch of Hemingway, a writer partial to a cocktail or two, we will take you back in time while serving up everything from classic hand-shaken martinis to over-the-top libations." Perhaps patrons will be able to gather for a Papa Doble, Hemingway's drink of choice, in a Cuban atmosphere? Extra tiny umbrellas, please.

When the doors were open to the space on Hutson, there certainly looked like enough space for a Daiquiri hideaway, a big beefy man cave and an Italian "Godfather feeling" space (from the Chicco's entry). However, this is just speculation—these could merely be future Holy City Hospitality concepts. Be on the lookout for confirmation either way.
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Vincent Chicco’s

26 Hutson Street, Charleston SC 29403