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This Winter, One Less Rooftop Bar in Charleston

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The lights were out, and the windows were covered at The Vendue last night. A quick call to the front desk confirmed that the side of the building facing Vendue Range Street is closed for renovations. This also places the in-house restaurant The Library and The Rooftop Bar out of business, until the structure reopens.

To bring in new clients, the skyline tavern announced a new brunch menu this summer, and the bistro at the Inn offered breakfast. While patrons may not be clamoring for an outdoor bar in the winter, it's always a bit odd for a restaurant to shut down during the holidays, typically a very busy season for food and beverage businesses.
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Vendue Inn

19 Vendue Range St, Charleston, SC 29401