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Restaurateur Reitz; Westside Café Sounds Swank

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

It didn't take long to suss out the info on Brooks Reitz, former general manager of The Ordinary and Eater Young Gun for 2013. City Paper editor Stephanie Barna scored the first word on Reitz's next steps. Here are the important takeaways from the piece:

1. Reitz will join Tim Mink to open Leon's Oyster Shop. Previous information on the upcoming King Street restaurant set its concentration on the raw bar aspect of the place, but Reitz tells Barna, it will also be a "fried chicken and fish joint." The word "sexy" is included. Crispy cutlets can do that to a person.

2. Reitz is not only opening one, but two restaurants. Anyone who has seen Reitz's brand of tonic, Jack Rudy, on the shelves of Anthropologie or on the pages of Bon Appétit should know this guy has high ambitions. So, along with Leon's, he is also co-creating St. Alban, the previously reported Westside café, with Mink. Patrons will be able to grab croissants in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening at the spot. If you're into spying on Instagram, it appears Reitz might be working up a logo.

3. Expect even more. Mink and Reitz are pairing up to form Neighbourhood, a new consulting firm. According to Barna's report, big things are on the horizon as the team sets their sights on the big dollars in the Middle East.

What does all this mean for the rest of Charleston? Choosing a restaurant on any given evening just got harder.
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