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Will Coffee Make Us Whole Again?

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Welcome to Hangover Power Hour, 60 long minutes dedicated to that painful, pounding aftermath following a big night of throwing back drinks.

Eater asks Black Tap Coffee's co-owners, Jayme Scott and Ross Jett, if their products will help with the head pounding and dry mouth sickness the morning after a bender.

If someone comes in with a terrible hangover, what is the best thing for them to order?
Jett: [laughs] A taxi.
Scott: I would suggest a shot of espresso. That's my go-to. It's a small amount of liquid and has a lot of caffeine and doesn't have any milk. Milk when you're hungover is a terrible idea. It settles terribly. And if not, then just an iced coffee. Straight forward, lots of caffeine, no milk.

Besides coffee, do you have any personal cures?
Jett: Greasy food.
Scott: The ham and cheese croissant here is a popular item for people with hangovers. Savory and slightly sweet. It's a good choice. I eat a lot of them if I have a hangover.
Jett: When I lived in California, if you ate In-N-Out while you were drinking, you would not have a hangover.

So, Charleston needs one?
Scott: I would take a Chipotle downtown.

The answer? Yes, coffee (with the addition of some fast food) will help.
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