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Those Who Make the Libations Try to Help

Welcome to Hangover Power Hour, 60 long minutes dedicated to that painful, pounding aftermath following a big night of throwing back drinks.

These are the guys and gals that serve the drinks that perhaps make the world a little dim the next day—if you chose to continue ordering them. Cursing those cocktails, that were so delicious the night before, won't help. Eater asks a few bartenders around town for their tips on how to stop the jack-hammering behind your brain.

"If you're conscious enough, a big glass of water and a couple of aspirin before you go to bed. When you wake up, pop some Alka-Seltzer, and go find something greasy if you can stomach it."—Jared Lane, The Gin Joint

"A Corpse Reviver #2"—Andrew King, FIG

"You can always do a Bloody Mary, and instead of vodka, you can use whiskey. Or perhaps a Stout Flip, which is Guinness, Cruzan Black Rum, turbinado Syrup and a whole egg."—Greg Weiss, The Alley

"I always recommend Gatorade."—Mouzon Taylor, Thoroughbred Club

"The go-to is greasy things, especially meaty, greasy things. I think the proteins hold it down. Definitively hydrate. Bitters, soda and a squeeze of orange helps, too."—Mariah Sweezey, Hank's Seafood Restaurant

[Photo of Jared Lane: Leslie McKellar]

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