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Floating in the Ligurian Sea at McCrady's

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Another day, another GIFtender. Today's animated barkeep is Ryan Casey from fine dining mecca McCrady's Restaurant. Under Casey's hand, the cocktails are just as inventive as the plates coming out of chef Sean Brock's kitchen. When Eater asked Casey to stir up a libation from his menu, he picked the "Ligurian Sea." The drink is named for Mediterranean body of water because of its French and Italian ingredients.

This complicated-looking concoction is part Negroni and part milked absinthe. Elements are comprised of Cynar, gin, sweet vermouth and the aforementioned green fairy. First, the drinker gets a taste of anise up front, and then, the flavor snaps to bitter. Casey told us he chose to make us this creation because it's one of his favorites, yet no one orders it. Perhaps the drink will pick up in popularity now.

Check back each day of Cocktail Week 2013 for a new animation. Larger resolution GIF after the jump.

[Photos: Leslie McKellar]

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