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Cook It Raw From a Journalist's Perspective

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Post and Courier writer Hanna Raskin has spent the week with the chefs in the Cook It Raw crew. While the rest of the world obsessively watched their Twitter and Instagram feeds for tidbits from the participants, Raskin was embedded in the group. Highlights from her recap include: Lowcountry cuisine can be a bit confusing to Europeans, Cook It Raw is more dinner party than convention, and even the revered Albert Adrià doesn't subsist on a diet of gold-leafed foie gras all the time.

The chefs are currently preparing for their 17-course dinner at hallowed dining hall McCrady's, and Raskin promises to deliver the details in Saturday's paper.
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[Photo: Chef April Bloomfield preps in the McCrady's kitchen/Instagram]


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