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The End of the Big Nasty? (In Name Only)

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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

This could be the last week patrons are able to call the chicken biscuit covered in gravy from Hominy Grill a "Big Nasty." Widespread sandwich place McAlister's Deli is serving papers to anyone using the name of their trademarked open-face roast beef sandwich, otherwise also known as "The Big Nasty." Last week, Eater Atlanta posted that Morningside restaurant Rosebud received a cease and desist letter from the chain restaurant for utilizing the same title for their breakfast sandwich.

Eater called Hominy chef Robert Stehling after the trouble down in Georgia came to light.

Stehling stated that McAlister's did send a letter, but he was waiting to hear back from the chain after his lawyer responded. The Southern chef said he came up with the moniker after a weekend spent with a few car repairmen in North Charleston. Stehling recalled a tale about a mechanic he worked alongside would go to fast food place Hardee's for a fried chicken biscuit and flirt with the staff to coax them to cover the sandwich in sausage gravy. The workers liked to laugh at the saucy gentleman caller, saying, "You so nasty," and hence the name of the "Big Nasty" was born. Stehling told Eater, he doesn't do much market research at drive-through windows, but this one worked.

The chef said he's not worried if the menu line changes, it will still be the same goodness brunch patrons have come to expect. Stehling stated he's partial to the name "the biscuit whose name is unmentionable."
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