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Demise of Green Door () Hits Twitter (UPDATED)

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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

[Local food blogger Foodmancing was so unhappy, he created a colorful hashtag

Eater had gathered rumors that grungy dive Big John's Tavern was coming under new proprietorship, but by the account of our sources, the business was supposed to side with Cory Burke, owner of fledgling eatery attached to the bar, The Green Door. But now it seems, less than a year into their residency, the funky roti restaurant is getting the boot. Post and Courier writer Hanna Raskin reported their demise last night as a dissimilarity of opinion with the new owner, Ryan Condon (also co-owner of Southern franchise The Crab Shack). Raskin writes, "When Ryan Condon took over Big John's operations, doing away with braised pig heads and kimchi grilled cheese sandwiches was high on his priority list, Burke says." Their last day is October 31, but as everyone learned later in the evening, so is Big John's. It seems both will establishments will shut their doors on Halloween. [UPDATE] Big John's is merely closing for renovations according to Raskin's latest interview with Condon.

As a place that is very active in social media, fans of The Green Door were very vocal about their disapproval of the news. Eater gathered some of the agony and befuddlement here. (Tweets were gathered before the news that Big John's would be closing [UPDATE: Not closing, just renovating] .)

It has to be an unpopular decision when a self-proclaimed lover of pups comes up with #charlestoncrapshack:

Then there were the patrons who will never show their face at 251 East Bay St. again:

And those who might be in a booth at The Green Door until their closing day (October 31):

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The Green Door

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The Green Door

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