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Talking Tacos with White Duck

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Indications started flowing in over the summer that Asheville favorite White Duck Taco Shop would set up a second location in Charleston soon. Details are coming together, and the taco hungry public wants answers, so Eater caught up with owner of the Holy City location Andrew Pannell for a brief interview.

Why open a White Duck franchise here?
That was easy. As a College of Charleston graduate, Charleston has been my home for more than a decade, and for years I have wanted to make a contribution to my community. Charleston also has a long standing reputation as a food-centric city, with a very discerning customer base. Is there any place better than a lonely outpost on James Island to build a taco restaurant? My answer was "no."

Where exactly is the location of the new franchise?
The location is located on James Island at 1648 Folly Rd.—the intersection of Folly Road and Grimball.

When is the expected opening?
That is the $64,000 question ... we are hoping to be open before year's end.

Are there any Lowcountry leanings on the menu, or deviations from the original location's menu?
Much of the menu will be the same as the Asheville location. We are planning some "Lowcountry leanings" but we are currently in the development stage for those new items. We do source as much produce as possible from local farmers— that is part of what White Duck is all about.

What will the beverage options look like?
We view alcohol as a complement to the food. We sell local beer on draft, seasonal sangria, as well as margaritas and mojitos. Our primary focus is producing great food at affordable prices, and doing it at a pace that gets you in, out, and on with your day. We should be a great lunchtime option for those who work on James Island and beyond.

Will there be a patio (people seem to like eating tacos outside)?
There will be plenty of outdoor seating, another reason we love being in Charleston and its near perfect weather.

Written and reported by Timmons Pettigrew
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White Duck Taco Shop

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White Duck Taco Shop

1648 Folly Rd. Charleston SC