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Meet Taco Boy's New Neighbor, DeSano Pizza Bakery

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[Photo: David Thompson/Twitter]

Nashville's adored Neopolitan pizza place DeSano Pizza Bakery is opening its second location here on the peninsula. They'll be serving the same slices as their original spot, so expect combinations like Margherita D.O.P., Lasagna, which is a pizza topped with ricotta and meatballs, calzones and (this is the cue to freak out) cannoli.

The pizza is wood-fired and, according to their site, the ovens in the original location were straight from the old country,

"Our 3 Grande Forni (ovens) were hand made in Naples and shipped by sea ? each weighing in over 10,000 lbs. The world famous Acunto ovens are the same ovens you will find in the most famous Pizzeria, Brandi, where Rafaelle Esposito made the first Margherita Pizza for the Queen."
As for the space, Charleston architect David Thompson is the one who tweeted the picture from the construction site, so expect the interior to be something of a looker--he was on the team behind The Ordinary. They're tearing down the old warehouse that's on the lot now and putting up a new structure.

DeSano's in Charleston might have about 100 seats, but that's not finalized yet. The GM here will be Charleston's Rich Squalante, who is currently training in Nashville now. No word on where he's worked recently, but his grandparents owned a pizza place in New York, so hopefully the pie-making skills were passed down. They're aiming for a spring opening, perhaps as early as April.

· DeSano Pizza Bakery [Official Site]

Correction: A quote from Nashville Scene was removed.

DeSano Pizza Bakery

94 Stuart St., Charleston, SC