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Twitter Reacts to Rutledge Cab Co. Opening

Rutledge Cab Co. is already Brock-approved

Chef Robert Carter's uptown joint Rutledge Cab Co. started serving its cocktails, French onion soup and breakfast on Tuesday at 5pm. Instantly, there were patrons placing orders on the 70-seat porch and others were sitting down for drinks at the bar. A day later, Husk and McCrady's chef Sean Brock gave it his seal of approval on Twitter.

Charleston Magazine assistant editor Kinsey Gidick was pleased with the addition to the neighborhood:

Chris Monoc, a Pisces who enjoys waffling got right to the point:

Charleston code poet and vegetarian Ben Jacobs summed it up in one dish:

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Rutledge Cab Co.

1300 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, SC