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Robert Moss on the Scene at The Rarebit

[Photo: Provided]

With its "plain, wholesome fare" in a sleek setting, City Paper's Robert Moss asks if King Street's new bar and breakfast-all-day joint The Rarebit is truly retro or what's next for the Charleston dining scene. As he writes,

"...we seem to be entering an era that's growing weary of foodie monomania and strange parts of the pig. Will more and more of us start turning our backs on the farm and heading to the big city?"

Either way, he approves of what's going on inside the place. Of the chicken and waffles, he notes,

"There's nothing particularly remarkable about any one component on the plate, but something magic happens when they unite in a satisfying combination of crisp fried batter and chewy waffle with a sweet syrup blast.
Bartender Brent Sweatman's Moscow Mules and other handiwork behind the rail also get some play, even if some of the drinks don't exactly fit the 1960s theme. No one seems to mind, given how The Rarebit is dominating the late-night scene. As Moss puts it,
"The food becomes the supporting player for whatever else it is you are doing that evening, not the main entertainment itself, a pleasant means of lining your stomach the night before or nursing your way back to health the day after."

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The Rarebit

474 King Street, , SC 29403 (843) 974-5483

The Rarebit

474 King St., Charleston, SC 29401