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A Look Inside Rutledge Cab Co., Opening Tomorrow

[Photo: Rick McKee/Charleston Photographer LLC]

Rutledge Cab Co. is slated to open Tuesday at 5pm, and the excitement for the new north of the Crosstown restaurant is at epic levels. Mustachioed Charlestonian Bill Murray has already photo-bombed Chef Bob Carter's Wagener Terrace place, despite the fact that he's not a partner in the project. And City Paper's Stephanie Barna is predicting: "Rutledge Cab is going to KILL it. Big patio, breakfast food, burgers. Can't miss."

You don't have to wait another second to get a glimpse of the interior. Charleston Photographer Rick McKee posted some pictures on his blog of one of the country's most anticipated openings of winter 2013. The shots reveal an the exposed-brick walls, dark leather booths and some food porn-y goodness.

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Rutledge Cab Co.

1300 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403