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Rutledge Cab Co. to Hit the Scene Next Week

Charleston chef Bob Carter's Rutledge Cab Co. is one of Charleston's most-anticipated openings of 2013, and it's about to spring to life next week. Chef Carter said the delayed Wagener Terrace watering hole might start serving as early as Tuesday. The project was originally called Rutledge Grill, and was slated for a fall 2012 opening. They underwent a name change, but the concept of cocktails and Carter's food "in a neighborhood location" was supposed to stay the same.

Carter's Kitchen, which opened last year, was a hit from the start, landing on Esquire's list of best new restaurants of 2012.

Preview dinners are taking place at Rutledge Cab Co. over the weekend, so don't be shocked if you see the lights on and the parking lot filled. More details on the menu when they come out (or check in with the tipline if you have insight).

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Rutledge Cab Co.

1300 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403