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The Orange Spot Coffeehouse to Perk Up Park Circle

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Last August, The Orange Spot started popping up at markets in the area, doling out coffee, lemonade and their signature drink, the orange Thai iced tea cha yen. Now, co-owners Laura Cannon and Julie Simuang are settling into a 700-square foot Park Circle building that will be their permanent location, which they're hoping to open this spring.

The pair met back when Simuang was managing the now-shuttered coffee shop Local in West Ashley, and Cannon regularly frequented. "Of course, we said, let's do this together," Cannon said.

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse will be serving pastries and products from Lowcountry types, like Summerville's Coastal Coffee Roasters. Right now, they're eyeing Counter Culture for the espresso drinks and will continue to make the cha yen that started it all. Look for soups and salads on the menu, and sandwiches made by the chefs and owners of local food trucks. No exact word yet on which trucks will be participating, though Cory's Grilled Cheese was mentioned as one of the possibilities.

When they open, their hours will be Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm, with a more limited schedule on Saturdays. Eventually, they'd like to build out into the property's backyard and do a Sunday brunch. "We're hoping it will a community hub of sorts in Park Circle."

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse

4834 Chateau Avenue, North Charleston