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Mike Lata on Skipping Class, Lively's Wedding

Chef Mike Lata was on CBS This Morning's food segment The Dish over the weekend
, where he discussed his current passion for seafood, which is good to hear, considering he's hustling to open his oyster hall The Ordinary by December. The famously self-taught chef told the hosts he was pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism when he ditched an Intro to Logic class ("riveting, right?") to listen to a lecture by Julia Child. The French Chef gave Lata the push he needed to abandon his dream of being on the radio:

"She was so captivating and intelligent and her anecdotes were just heart-warming...I had been cooking and I had considered it as a career and it really kind of just jump-started my real dedication to the craft."

Lata remained poised—sadly, he wouldn't do his Julia Child impression—and only fumbled when asked if he was involved with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Charleston wedding. He lands on the vague, "you can't believe everything you read, I guess."

Not much clarity there, but Chef Lata is charming throughout the clip:

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