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Reps Liken New Lady-Focused Steakhouse to Lingerie

One of the minds behind Burwell's Stone Fire Grill, a steakhouse slated to open downtown this year, recently compared his new restaurant to lingerie, explaining "men and women love it." Burwell's is attempting to brand itself as a female-friendly steakhouse in Charleston, much like STK, the national mini-chain of lady-centric steak joints.

Unlike STK, which boasts a the backside of a scantily-clad gal with a meat cleaver in hand on their website, Burwell's seems unable to go all the way with it. Under the "About Us" section on their site, Burwell's puts forth this muddled statement, "As we began developing in the great culinary city of Charleston, our story was not an easy one to tell, explain, or even understand. This concept was specifically designed to be different, and different is not easily understood."

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Burwell's Stone Fire Grill

14 Market St., Charleston, SC