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Sean Brock's Heart is at Husk, Mind is at McCrady's

Sean Brock talked with Eater National about the TV show he's pitching, the differences between Husk and McCrady's and the spirit of Southern foods. Reading the article is basically like delving into Brock's mind, and getting a better understanding of the way he thinks about his two restaurants and Lowcountry foodways. "For me, all of a sudden, it seems like people are noticing that I have something to say about the South. I finally have their attention, which is great."

Even though it seems impossible to get a reservation at Husk, Brock admits that McCrady's is "in a really special phase." He's brewing vinegars in the restaurant's every nook and cranny and trying to evolve the place in general. Or, in Brock's words, "When Husk opened, I finally had that outlet for that Southern fix. What does the South taste like? What's the new South? What's the old South? What's the dirty South? Now, at McCrady's, I can just figure out what it means to cook in Charleston today."

Read the entire interview over at Eater National to learn more about his stint with TV and the future of his cuisine (which, not surprisingly, is rooted in his past).

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