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Chef Thurston Refuels at Bon Banh Mi

The Holy City is home to plenty of restaurants and bars, but there are lots of hidden gems that some Charlestonians aren't unearthing. To guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of the city's food luminaries to share their recommendations for a new feature called Dining Confidential.

Chef Nathan Thurston
is working hard to get his much-anticipated Stars Restaurant up and running by late September ("We're in the final stretch right now."). He's been turning to the sandwiches at Bon Bahn Mi for sustenance during the construction phase of his restaurant.

"I first started going to them when they were in the farmer's market. I'm usually not a creature of habit, but they have one particular banh mi that's incredible. They call it the bacon and egg banh mi, but it's essentially ham and egg. It's the quintessential breakfast for a Saturday morning...kind of a brunch item. It's got savory notes in the dressing, like some fried onions and cilantro, but they serve it all day now. I'm also a fan of their correctly-made baguettes.

Now they're on Spring Street, which is a little off the beaten path. Lately, in construction mode, we'll hit it up on the way home. We've also had them deliver to the site before. It's a cool little spot."

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[Photo: Facebook]

Bon Banh Mi

162 Spring Street, Charleston, SC