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Neighborhood Dining Group Settles Lawsuit

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Photo: Joan Perry

The Neighborhood Dining Group, parent company of Husk, McCrady's, and Queen Anne's Revenge, has settled the wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the family of Quentin Gregory Miller. The settlement amount of $1.1 million is thought to be much less than what was originally asked for, but a very lengthy and messy trial was avoided.

The December 17th, 2011 accident caused the death of Quentin Miller. Adam Burnell has been charged with felony DUI. Burnell, 32, was an Assistant Manager and Sommelier at Husk at the time of the accident. The accident occurred at 4AM as both parties were driving north on the Ravenel bridge. Miller's car was hit from behind and slammed into the wall of the bridge, catching on fire and trapping him inside.

This tragic case has changed the alcohol policies of many Charleston restaurants. Where it was once common for employees to finish their shift and stay and have a few drinks, now this is no longer acceptable at most places. The Post & Courier interviewed many prominent members of the food and beverage industry for the story and the prevalent thought seems to be that the accident was a wake up call that shocked and altered the restaurant business.

Burnell is free on bond and awaiting trial.

· Neighborhood Dining Group Settles Lawsuit [Post & Courier]


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