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Chef Carter's Rutledge Grill to Open in October

Rutledge Grill, 1300 Rutledge Avenue
tracking.jpgInitial Projection: Early September
Eater Projected Opening Date: Late October

Progress is being made on the former gas station that will become Chef Robert Carter's new bar and restaurant in Wagener Terrace. The location has been built out, with the addition of a wrap-around patio and the kitchen and storage space in the back. Construction crews are now working on interior details, like soldering the hood in the kitchen and staining the reclaimed-wood walls.

"This is a foray into a much more casual place," said Carter, who used to be the chef at the upscale Peninsula Grill and is currently a partner at Carter's Kitchen in Mt. Pleasant. "It all revolves around a charcoal grill. We're going to have grilled steak, seafood, kebobs, pizzas and smoked wings. But you'll also see popcorn sweetbreads on the menu. It'll be my food, in a more neighborhood location."

There's still work to be done: the kitchen needs a grill and Carter wants to add some 1950s detailing to the building. He seems optimistic about an October opening, and to be setting up shop north of the Crosstown. "The neighborhood is just dying for something."

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Rutledge Grill

1300 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403