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Iacofano's is Reopening and Regrouping

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Remember when we talked about how often Iacofano's changed things up? Well, it seems they got the message, but John Iacofano just posted the following message on his facebook page to explain what was going on with the restaurant, and how the concept is going to (yet again) change when they reopen this Friday.

We're just going to go ahead and present this without any further comment:

"'If you build it, they will come.' Well that couldn't be further from the truth. Sometimes I allow my emotions to run the restuarant as you can see by the million changes I've made to it. Something I didn't realize was that we had the perfect recipe, local customers turned friends eating great simple food in large portions for a great price, add a dash of music a few TV's with a dash of bar and there you had Iacofano's. I guess you could say we were Mt. Pleasants Cheers.

I won't dwell on the past and talk about the mistakes I made because not only did my wife tell me but I had plenty of customers stop me when I was out, email me, call me and simply not come back in. I'll keep it simple, the old Iacofano's is coming back and we open this Friday. Many of you responded to my surveys and we know what you want. We will be bringing back customer favorites, TV's, a couple changes on the inside and even a few games.

My pledge is to make Iacofano's a family friendly neighborhood eatery and watering hole, no frills, simply awesome Italian American food in large quantities. I promise to bring back music just not so loud and early in the evening. White tablecloths are gone. I kept the chandeliers, they cost too much.

I want it to be the restaurant that I can bring my family to. Please look for the new menu to be emailed in the next day or so and please spread the word that the old Iacofano's is coming back. So bring your family and bring your friends. I look forward to seeing you."


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626 Coleman Boulevard Charleston, SC