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Chef Kevin Johnson Packs The Grocery for #lambstock

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Coming off an ace review from Charleston Magazine, Chef Kevin Johnson has been tweeting about #lambstock for the past couple of days. Turns out, he was invited to the event by the staff of Border Springs, the farm in Virginia that provides—you guessed it—lamb to The Grocery and other restaurants in the region. The chefs gather to cook, talk food and explore the source of their products. The staff there has, apparently, set up some of the facilities, but Chef Johnson won't be heading north empty-handed.

“We’re going to bring some items from our charcuterie and pickling program. From what Craig [the owner of Border Springs] said, they’re short on vegetables, so we’re bringing up lots of Southern vegetables for some Southern sides—farro, butter beans, succotash.” And his must-have food for the road trip? “Coffee.”

· The Review: The Grocery [Charleston Magazine]

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