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Charleston Wine + Food Festival Ultimate Critics Dinner Participants Announced?

Photo: Event Drs Charleston

The 2013 Ultimate Critics Dinner Party Chefs, Sommelier, and Host have been announced. Participating chefs are Jeremiah Bacon of The Macintosh, Mike Lata of FIG, Sean Brock of Husk and McCrady's, Josh Keeler of Two Boroughs Larder, Michelle Weaver of Charleson Grill, and Frank Lee of Slightly North of Broad. Emily Cookson of Charleston Grill has been chosen to be the pastry chef, Patrick Emerson of Maverick Southern Kitchens will be sommelier and Mickey Bakst of Charleston Grill will host the event again this year.

Last year's dinner was held on Fort Sumter, which set the festival up to never be able to top that location. This year the dinner will be held at Old Towne Creek County Park in West Ashley. The dinner will be held Wednesday, October 3 at 6:00 p.m. Limited to 125 seats, tickets will be priced at $250 each and are available for purchase now at

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· Charleston Wine and Food Festival [Official Site]

Old Towne Creek County Park

1400 Old Towne Road Charleston, SC