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Chef Brett McKee Leaves Charleston Hospitality Group

Photo: Facebook/Brett Mckee

If you follow Chef Brett Mckee on Facebook, you might have noticed that lately he hasn't been mentioning the Charleston Hospitality Group's family of restaurants which includes Eli's Table, Tabbuli, Whisk, and Toast. The reason? After their 6 month consulting agreement recently reached its end, Mckee and Charleston Hospitality decided to go their separate ways. "It was just the right time. I got them to the place that they needed to be, and now I'm going to do my own thing for a while," said Mckee.

What's that thing? Well, he has many projects on the horizon, but for now describes himself as a "hired gun." He's working with clients on nutrition plans and weight loss, he catering events, and he is doing customized "package to plate" cooking classes and dinners. These dinners can be at your home or Chef Mckee can provide the location.

Although Mckee has been approached by a number of investors to open restaurants in Charleston and beyond, he is happy to do his own thing right now, but definitely open to the possibility if the perfect project comes along.

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