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Sean Brock to Cook for Charlie Trotter


This August, Sean Brock will join a line up of amazing culinary masters including Nathan Myhrvold and his Modernist Cuisine team, Tetsuya Wakuda of the acclaimed Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Australia, and winemakers Richard Geoffroy from Dom Perignon, Jim Clendenen from Au Bon Climat Winery, and Larry Stone, one of the world's leading sommeliers, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Charlie Trotter's.

Charlie Trotter’s 25th Anniversary Gala will take place August 19th. Dinner will be $2500 per head with charitable contributions made to preferred charities of Nathan Myhrvold, Tetsuya Wakuda and Sean Brock. Charlie Trotter's will be closing it's doors for good on August 31st.

According to the team putting together this event, "Charlie Trotter has once again assembled the very best of food and wine to celebrate 25 years of flawlessly executed food and the indelible mark he’s left on the American dining scene." This is a great honor for Sean Brock and for Charleston to be represented at this type of event. If you feel like dropping $2,500 on a ticket, you can call the reservations department at +1 773 248 6228 to reserve your spot. Please go, and tell us all about it!

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76 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401 843 577 2500


1 Unity Alley Charleston, SC