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Rodney Scott Plans to Open Second Scott's Bar-B-Que Restaurant in Charleston

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Photo: Discover SC

Here comes news from The Washington Post that will make barbecue lovers all over Charleston lose their minds. Rodney Scott of Scott's Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, SC, is talking about opening a restaurant in Charleston! No longer will you need to make the trek out of town on weekends to get your beloved barbecue, he is bringing it to the city. Scott, who was in Washington, DC to accept the 2012 American Treasures Award, assures the Washington Post that he will not lose his quality and the flavor the people love. He plans on keeping that promise by training more people to do barbecue just the way that he knows how.
· Rodney Scott to Open Restaurant in Charleston [Washington Post]

Scott's BBQ

2734 Hemingway Highway Hemingway, SC