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6 Must-Try Fries in Charleston

Photo: Andrew Cebulka

It's true, almost every food and beverage that you can think of has its own day now, but today is National French Fry Day, and that deserves some attention. This classic side dish can be dressed down and served with some simple Heinz ketchup and an awesome burger, or dressed up with fancy cheese and truffle oil and served with a steak. Either way, fries are awesome, fries are crave inducing, and fries are diet busters. We won't think about that now, though, we'll think about that tomorrow. For now, let's talk about the dreamiest, tastiest, and most delicious fries in Charleston.

fries%20carolinas.jpgThe Parmesan Truffle fries at Carolina's are legendary. Tossed with truffle oil, arugula, and parmesan, obviously, these fries are salty, perfectly crispy, and pretty much heavenly. You can get these as a side dish to any entree for $6, or better yet you can go in for their fab happy hour and get them for only $3.

friesthemac.jpgSo Chef Jeremiah Bacon was at Carolina's when the Parmesan Truffle fries went on the menu. Now he's at The Macintosh and he's developed another delicious french fry dish, the Pecorino Truffle fries. This man is the french fry master.

friescesca.jpgNew kid on the block 'Cesca is serving up Tuscan fries with sea salt and truffle aioli for $7. They use handcut Kennebec potatoes and the aioli is made in-house with truffle peelings and mayo. As soon as they come out of the frier they are sprinkled with fresh herbs, sea salt and pepper.

friestattoo.jpgThe Tattooed Moose might not offer the most gourmet fries on the list, but man they're good. They are fried in duck fat, and duck fat is delicious! If you're really feeling crazy, there is a version served with a whole bulb of roasted garlic and blue cheese sauce. Do we need to say more?

frieslafour.jpgIn case you didn't get your fill of duck fat at the Tattooed Moose, La Fourchette double fries their french fries in duck fat! That's right. Ante upped. Their very fancy sounding Pommes Frites a la Graisse de Canard are $7.50.

friespatat.jpgPatat Spot is a self-described European snack bar. They actually specialize in hand-cut fries, or friets, as they call them, so you know they're going to be great. Not content with serving just ketchup, Patat Spot offers a ton of sauces on the side of their friets, including mayonnaise. Très Euro!

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The Macintosh

2119 East Camelback Road, , AZ 85016 (602) 368-8766 Visit Website

Tattooed Moose, Johns Island

3328 Maybank Highway, , SC 29455 (843) 952-7591 Visit Website

Patat Spot

41 George Street Charleston, SC