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Take a Break From Beachin' and Have a Bite

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Lazing away the day on one of Charleston's beautiful beaches is a fine way to spend your summer, but you do have to take a break to eat and drink, if nothing else. Here is our guide to beachside (and near beachside) dining.

Sullivan's Island is a great place for a beach day. If you go early enough to stake out your claim near the stretch of Middle Street populated with bars and restaurants, you won't have far to walk when hunger kicks in.

dunleavys2.jpgDunleavy's Pub is a favorite on SI. Known for their reubens, burgers and hot dogs, the wings are the must-do on the list. Grilled, not fried, they go down perfectly with a cold beer.

home%20team%20si.jpgIf you are in the mood for some barbecue, head over to Home Team BBQ for ribs, sliders, nachos and, once again, beer. Notice a theme here?

poes.jpgFeel like braving the crowds to check out the Amontillado burger and have a drink? Poe's Tavern is a Sullivan's Island classic.

Over on the other side of town, Folly Beach is a laid-back surfer's paradise. With no shortage of places to chill between dips in the water, Folly is a dream for beach lovers.

lostdog.jpgThe Lost Dog Cafe is a local favorite. Sit on the deck and enjoy coffee and the "bob barker," a black bean burger, or call ahead and get TOGO for the easiest picnic ever. In case you didn't figure it out yet, Lost Dog is very dog friendly, so bring your four-legged friend.

surf%20bar.jpgAsk a Folly local to recommend a place and they will say Surf Bar. Always. Without fail. Locals love Surf Bar, and that's usually a good indication that you should check it out. Located just off Center Street, it's easily within walking distance of the beach and other shops and bars, making it convenient for a post-burger stroll. Speaking of burgers, eat them here. Just do it.

windjammer.jpgBack over on the Isle of Palms, The Windjammer is an island classic. Home of summer bikini contests, volleyball tournaments, and cheap drinks, it's a great place to go to take a break from the waves. The Windjammer does have food, but go for the drinks, the music, and the view.

These aren't the only places to eat and drink at the beach, they're just a few of our picks! Stay tuned for other warm weather eating and drinking guides throughout the summer. It's gonna get hot out there, but we will tell you where to cool down.

Home Team BBQ

2209 Middle Street, , SC 29482 (843) 225-7427 Visit Website

Dunleavy's Pub

2213 Middle Street Sullivan's Island, SC