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Nico Romo For The Win at Big Chef Little Chef

Chef Nico Romo of Fish Restaurant and his "little chefs," De and Tre, took on the fierce competition at last night's Big Chef Little Chef Challenge and blew everyone away.

With Romo's guidance, the kids created a healthy burrito with grilled free range chicken. They stuffed a buckwheat crepe with broccolini, sweet corn, fresh pickled fennel, micro basil and house-made mayo and served that with a fresh watermelon and mint drink. Romo loves Louie's Kids and calls the Big Chef Little Chef Challenge one of the best events of the year. Still riding high from last night's win, he had this to say about the event, "Spending the past two days with these kids and teaching them how to make healthy food is so fun and rewarding. Their excitement makes the work worthwhile and I'm so happy that I could help them win."

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