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Welcome to Eater Charleston!

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2012_5_eater-charleston-icon1.jpgEater Charleston is here!

Could we be more excited? Almost certainly not. Besides, Eater Charleston just makes sense: from James Beard-winning chefs to roadside BBQ, we're way more than shrimp and grits and we want the whole world to know it. Just so you know how it works, at Eater Charleston you won't find original restaurant reviews, recipes, or food porn. What you will find is wall-to-wall coverage of the local restaurant and bar scene, replete with original reporting, reader tips, and a thorough roundup of what the rest of the restaurant world is talking about.

Eater Charleston joins the Eater family of sites, including Eater National, New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Seattle.

A little about me, your Eater Charleston editor, Angel Powell: You might have seen me around town. I love to dine out and my family and I hit the town quite often. I'm hard to miss; I'll be the one with the 17 month-old twins sampling everything on the menu.

My husband runs Guerrilla Cuisine, Charleston's underground supper club, and I've been lucky enough to sample food from pretty much every wonderful chef in our fair city. I work as a publicist and have had clients in the Charleston hospitality world, but currently all of my clients are outside of this market. I'm a writer, an eater, a thinker, a drinker and a pretty decent home cook, but why dirty the dishes when I live in the same city as Sean Brock? That pretty much sums me up, but now let's talk about you.

While Eater Charleston is your source for anything and everything worth hearing about in the Charleston foodscape, we can't do it without our readers—whether you are an avid eater-outer or a just a huge gossip (we love that), we want to know everything that you know. Think of us as your big sister. We are here just waiting for you to spill your guts about everything from which line cook walked out in the middle of service to which place just got in the best of the soft shell crabs. Nothing is too small, too juicy, or too weird. As a matter of fact, the weirder it is, the more we like it.

Meanwhile, we'll be doing our best to give you all the news on restaurant openings, closings and other happenings, while also rounding up the best of the food media, independent blogs and national scoops. Do keep in touch, folks. Send us the scoop via our tipline, Let's do this!