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Chef Bob Carter Jumps to the Defense of Sean Brock

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In an industry that is sometimes known for its "watch your back" mentality, it is refreshing to see one chef sticking up for another in the message boards. Last week Charleston City Paper wrote an article about Sean Brock's appearance on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Sure enough, it didn't take long for a smack talker to come out to play.

Commenter "truetomynature" had this to say about Brock:

when a star burns so bright and so quickly, it fades to nothing. maybe not nationally, but here in charleston, the F&B world is getn real tired of Brock 24/7.....there are TONS of great cooks in this town that deserve their time to shine. heres a "brockism" for ya...I'm all Brock'd out dude. seems like brock wants more facetime on TV, than cookn time in his restaurants, and its startn to show @ Husk.

Haters aren't surprising. What was surprising was the response of Chef Bob Carter. Carter, formerly of Peninsula Grill and currently in his own place, Carter's Kitchen, replied to "truetomynature" with this:

a note about Chef Sean Brock and side note to "truetomynature" shame on you for your negative comments about Sean have no clue as to how hard this guy has worked to get where he is...he is an ambassador to Charleston, has traveled the globe promoting Southern Food, Southern Ingredients and Southern Culture. Why does it seem that when someone gets in the limelight and accolades for his accomplishments that lesser people want to jump on them and judgge happy for Sean and be appreciative that his shining star is in Charleston. Kudos Sean...keep it up and have is OK to enjoy this business!

Kudos to Carter for keeping it classy.

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[Photo via Carter's Kitchen]