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The Green Door Aiming to Open Next Week

The latest venture from the Roti Rolls team The Green Door might swing open its namesake portal as early as Tuesday, December 11. They hosted a preview dinner over the weekend and, as they mentioned, the menu was a departure from their food truck beginnings. Instead of the roti wraps Charleston had grown to love, they went for a more refined six-course dinner that spanned from curried pumpkin and squash soup to braised beef tongue with cheddar grits and kimchi. Here's a slideshow from the event, which has plenty of food porn from the night and shows more of how they transformed their space in the back of legendary dive bar Big John's Tavern.

· The Green Door [Facebook]
· Roti Rolls Team Getting Ready to Open The Green Door [-ECHS-]
· The Green Door [Flickr]

The Green Door

251 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 843-735-9664

The Green Door

251 East Bay Street Charleston, SC 29401