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Will The Ordinary Be Charleston's Sexiest Restaurant?

Perhaps. There will be aphrodisiacs oysters on the half-shell and Champagne behind the bar. "It's going to be very elegant," says The Ordinary's General Manager Brooks Reitz of the seafood hall that begins shucking this afternoon. During the raw bar and drinking hours of 3 p.m. to 5:30, expect jazz, possibly from New Orleans, to be piped throughout the expansive building.

But if you've been to FIG lately, you know the team is currently "into the whole album thing" (a recent dinner there was accompanied solely by the sounds of The Talking Heads). When the sun goes down, they'll switch the music over to entire records by the likes of The Kinks or The Rolling Stones or whoever else they fancy at the moment. After dark, Reitz says the place will have a sexy feel. See also: anchor shirts.

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