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The Shelter: Home to Icy Beers and the Category 6

The deck of The Shelter in Mount Pleasant is always jammed, so City Paper's Eric Doksa checked out the bar, to see if it passed muster. He gives the food mixed reviews (the BLT is "very good," and the burgers are deemed "a decent option"), but his analysis of the drinks is good fun. On their pursuit for frosty brews he writes,

"The eight-tap dispensary pours extremely cold beer. So cold that frost covers the tap system. So cold that a pint of Allagash Tripel was slushy when set down before me. So cold that the flavors of honey, orange, and banana were nearly drowned out."

According to Doksa, their oversized rum punch is a solid bet for those aiming to get sloshed.

"If you're just hanging out on the deck and want to get straight-up sloppy, order the impressively-sized 24-ounce concoction called Category 6, made with six different rums, various fruit juice, and available frozen or on the rocks."
Given that the service is friendly and the deck is crowded, it seems like The Shelter is on its way to being a weekend hotspot, and one where you can chug a Hurricane at that.

· The Shelter invites Mt. P to come hang out a while

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The Shelter

202 Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant