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Glazed Taking The Purple Goat into Canadian TV Battle

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Allison Smith, owner of mega hit bakery Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, is going to represent Charleston in Food Network Canada's latest bake-off show Doughnut Masters, which will basically be the Cupcake Wars of the fried and holey set. Smith recently submitted an audition video featuring her most popular creation, The Purple Goat, and two others, including a new guacamole brainchild. The producers up north were sold on her talent, and she and her assistant Stephanie will be competing at the end of November for $10,000 (Canadian currency? U.S.? No intel yet.).

The Glazed team is excited, but is taking their international competitors seriously. They've been watching other audition videos (theirs is sneakily to private) and analyzing possible scenarios they might encounter on set. One early concern is timing: Their batter takes about four hours to make, but food television battles wait for no dough. But considering the well-thought-out flavors Smith brought to her King Street shop, she should be able to frost her way out of crazy scenarios the Canadians put in front of her.

Allison Smith (left) and her assistant Stephany Benbow [Photo: Glazed Goutmet Doughnuts]

Glazed Gourment Doughnuts

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