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High Cotton's Joe Palma Digs Classic Negronis at FIG, The Gin Joint

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After a night at High Cotton, executive chef Joe Palma likes to grab a drink with his staff or his wife:

"I usually get off at 10, it's a little bit nicer for The Gin Joint, which can be a little bit easier. I like to be out by midnight before the ruckus people show up. I like to have a nice quiet drink and not have to fight off college students and ruin it for the rest. The older I get my palate is definitely changing. I never would have thought of a Campari four years ago but now I like anything with more of a bitter-tart component. In the summertime I love a classic Negroni. They always do a great job at FIG. I've been over there a couple of times."

His wild nights aren't over though. After a Couchon 555 in D.C. Palma remembers going back to a friend's restaurant and polishing off a bottle of Black Maple Hill bourbon and two cases of red wine along with the pig hearts and offal that didn't make it to the show. "We just hung out for the whole day smashed and talked about chef stuff," he said. "If it comes out of an animal and tastes good, we're down."

— Ashley Mason

[Photo: High Cotton]


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