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Cypress' Craig Deihl Sips Bourbon at Husk, Burwell's

Craig Deihl, chef and charcuterie aficionado at Cypress, doesn't always go out, but when he does he'll hit multiple spots with his wife for date night.

"If we go downtown we try to hit three or four different places and we have some great food and some great crafty cocktails, and we move on to another place. I usually drink Maker's Mark on the rocks at home. When I go out I'm looking for bitters or some frothiness from a well-shaken egg white and great flavor pairings where it's not overly sweet. One of my most memorable experiences was at Bettola (in Birmingham). I said I liked bourbon and he crafted something up. I've tried to replicate it and I have no idea how to do it. I just know that was a damn good drink. I've had similar experiences like that right here in Charleston. I love the cast-aged Manhattan from Husk Bar. It's got that right amount of sweetness and that unctuous bitters profile with it. In a drink I look for more bitter and less sweet, like more of that Old Fashioned-type category."

Deihl said he doesn't like travelling far from his establishment on East Bay Street. His favorite watering holes (Husk, Burwell's, The Gin Joint, and FIG) are all within walking distance from the restaurant.

— Ashley Mason

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