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Charleston's Five Best Dishes to Cure a Hangover

Welcome to Hangover Power Hour, 60 long minutes dedicated to that painful, pounding aftermath following a big night of throwing back drinks.

Hangover Power Hour is almost over, but it wouldn't be complete without revealing the best ways to silence that cymbal-playing monkey in your skull. Here goes:

1. The Pork Trifecta at EVO Pizzeria: It's the pizza that launched a thousand bumper stickers, and it's got enough piggy protein to make your body feel better. There's science in there somewhere.

2. The Big Nasty at The Hominy Grill: The side of their building says that "Grits Are Good For You," but everyone knows this laden biscuit was designed for bleary-eyed mornings.

3. Hangover Soup at Blind Tiger Pub: A creamy soup that requires an I.D. to order. Vodka and bloody mix team up for a hair of the dog approach that's devoured with a spoon.

4. The Pork Biscuit from The Foodie Truck: It's been on the menu since they started rolling, and the hefty dose of pork shoulder and the cheddar biscuit take your mind off the cracking.

5. The Ham 'n' Cheese 'n' Egg at Butcher and Bee: A breakfast sandwich that's the size of your head and also slathered in pimento cheese will do the trick. Plus, it's served in a bar-less brunch location, which means there's no temptation to go back to the bottle (well, unless you bring your own).