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Ms. Rose's Home to "Bold and Beautiful" Fried Chicken

City Paper has nothing but love for new-ish West Ashley comfort food spot Ms. Rose's . Like everyone else, they're all about the local and artisanal everything, but reviewer Eric Doksa praises the restaurant's ability to "execute" on the concept, service and design. And, yes, Ms. Rose's take on the often-flubbed Southern classics, like fried chicken.

Here's Doksa's poultry-inspired gush-fest:

Here in the South, I want a crispy, zesty crust that reveals a juicy meat inside. This is where Ms. Rose's soars. The breading is crispy and spicy without any saturated sogginess. It's bold and beautiful. Penetrating the crunchy outer shell reveals tender, mouth-watering meat. The chicken, three full thighs and legs, comes with a side of sweet, yet spicy, honey Tabasco dipping sauce. The chicken is mind-blowing enough to push the sauce aside. This is fried chicken done right.

· Ms. Rose's Hits the Mark with Well-Executed, Seasonal Fare [CP]

[Photo: Facebook]

Ms. Rose's

1090 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., West Ashley