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Burwell's Stone Fire Grill Now Open

Charleston's first lady-centric steakhouse is now open downtown. The 5,600 square-foot Burwell's Stone Fire Grill starts serving leaner cuts of meat off their wood-fired grill and 700-degree stones and seasonal appetizers and sides this evening. Chef Eric Huff started his career over at Tristan, so don't expect straight meat and potatoes (the yellow tail snapper, for example, comes dressed with plum wine gel and the "grits" are actually quinoa). Co-owner Ken Emery initially compared the restaurant to lingerie, meaning men and women will love it, and now Charleston has the chance to see if that's true.

· Reps Liken New Lady-Focused Steakhouse to Lingerie

The lighting fixture in Burwell's bar [Photo: Facebook]

Burwell's Stone Fire Grill

14 N. Market St Charleston, SC 29401