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Roti Rolls Team Getting Ready to Open The Green Door

[Photo: Facebook]

The minds behind adored food truck Roti Rolls are about two weeks away from opening a freestanding concept called The Green Door. "I'll have some roti on the menu, but it'll be a lot more than that," said owner Cory Burke. "We're trying to give you stuff we like to eat. It'll range from curry to kimchi to fried chorizo and house-made potato chips. It'll be an eclectic menu."

Devotees of the Buddha-adorned mobile unit shouldn't panic: The Roti team will still be at the Marion Square farmer's market and rolling into special events. Burke said the brick-and-mortar restaurant will have a lot of the same global flavors as the original recipes, but will increase the number of Southern influences and vegetarian options.

The Green Door is actually going to be housed inside downtown dive bar Big John's. "It's kind of a cool concept," Burke said of the stashed-away location. "We're taking over the whole back room, but we're going to have our own separate entrance. It'll be like going in the back door to our own spot."

As an homage to colorful truck, all the tables are (wait for it) old doors that have been painted green. "You're going to walk in and think 'Roti Rolls.'"

The Green Door

251 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 843-735-9664

The Green Door

251 E. Bay St., Charleston, SC