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Exclusive: Glimpse the Cocktail Menu at Republic Reign

Republic Reign is now eyeing a December opening, when they'll be filling the hole left by the shuttered Chai's Lounge. Even though the drinks will be flowing later than initially expected, their cocktail menu is already finished. Turns out, they're into sharing. General Manager Evan Powell, formerly of Fish, created a menu that's conducive to kicking back with a group of friends, with bottle service, cocktails on draft (think: Manhattans and Negronis) and carafes of "spritzes," which are "lower-alcohol cocktails that are super-refreshing," like the Dutch 75, which has Damrack Gin, elderflower nectar, Champagne and lemon.

"The idea behind the draft cocktails and spritzes is to encourage a community atmosphere," Powell says, adding that the idea came from his college days, when they'd put mixed drinks in beer kegs and served 'em that way. "When you split a bottle of wine, everyone talks about it, and I think this offers the same appeal in regards to cocktails." There are lots of single-serving beverage options as well, but he hopes doling out the bigger batches will cut down on wait times at the bar. The location is close to The Rarebit and just a few blocks down from The Ordinary, propping up the other side of Upper King.

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Republic Reign

462 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 724-7400

Republic Reign

462 King St., Charleston, SC 29401